Walking Trails

Walking Trails Around Nipawin

Nipawin has three walking trails within the town limits to explore parts of our wonderful town.  

The Central Park walking trail is a 2-kilometre loop for walking and cycling. It travels through the town’s Central Park, passing along the park’s racetrack, grandstand, disk golf, and horseshoe pits. The park is also home to the Centennial Arena and outdoor swimming pool, The Pool @ Central Park. 

The Barber Pond Trail is a short walking trail featuring the town’s Pineview Lodge and Hospital scenic grounds. 

The Walleye Trail is 1 kilometre long and joins Nipawin to the Regional Park. The trail also connects to several other trails within the regional park, including the Ochre Trail, Pike Trail, Perch Trail, Rainbow Trail, and Sturgeon Trail. 

In accompaniment to the Regional Park trails, an Interpretive Nature Trail guide allows visitors to discover one of Saskatchewan’s four Ecozones. In Nipawin, we are in the Boreal Forest Ecozone, further broken down into Ecoregion. The Ecoregion one would learn about is the Boreal Forst Transition. It is characterised by the deciduous boreal forest to the north and the grasslands to the south. The interpretive nature trail guide is available at the Nipawin Visitor Information Centre and the Nipawin Regional Park gatehouse.