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The Town of Nipawin has created two different Audio tours to guide you on your sightseeing around Nipawin and Area!

Tripvia is a free, downloadable app for both Apple and Android phones. Once into the app, you will find the two free Nipawin offered; one walking tour and one driving tour!

Once you select “Start Tour”, the introduction will give you an overview of how the tour will work. The landmarks are numbered in a suggested route; however, this is just a suggestion of how to complete it.

Once you are ready at your location, you click on the “Listen to Audio” link and it will begin to play. You can replay it as many times as you need. Once you are done at your location, click “next” and it will set you up for your next stop. You can skip any stops on the tour, it is entirely what you would like it to be!

If you choose to stop the tour to spend time at an attraction, you can easily jump back into your tour again by clicking the location on the map that you last left off on!

Tour #1 – Murals & More Audio Walking Tour

The first tour is a “Murals & More Audio Walking Tour”, which takes approximately 1.5 hours to complete. This tour is intended to be done walking, however If you don’t mind finding parking, or have any visitors with restricted mobility, The majority of the tour could be done by vehicle as well.

Tour #2 – Nipawin & Area Driving Tour

The second tour is “Nipawin & Area Driving Tour”. This tour will provide you with a variety of things to do in Nipawin, historical landmarks, and everything in between. On this drive you will visit approximately 30 stops, and takes 2-3 hours to complete, depending on how long you chose to spend at each point of interest.

Nipawin Public Library and Art Gallery

Located in the Nipawin Public Library.

501 2 St E, Nipawin, SK S0E 1E0


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308 Nipawin Road E

Nipawin, Saskatchewan

S0E 1E0